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Junk a car Service

We provide one of the best Junk a car Service in Vancouver BC.

Do you want us to Junk a car for you? No problem. Just call us and book an appointment for pickup and we will be glad to Junk your car for you.

Highlights :

 Junk a car: Exclusive Exclusive
Junkping/Junk a car is what we do for living and its become an exclusive part of our daily routine
We have been in the Junk business for so long. Basically you are welcome to call us the Junk car guys. We don't mind it.

 Junk car: Quick Service Quick Service
Our Junk car service is quick and efficient.
We do offer quick Junk service 7 days a week. When you call us, we try to be there as quickly as possible. We bit the trafic and rush hours to serve you on time and in the best possible way. So, please don't hesitate to call us for a swift Junk car removal.

a name="promise"> car removal:Customer Promise Customer Promise
We promise our customers one of the best Junk a car service in the industry.
When we say that, we really back our word. If we promise our clients $200 for their Junk car, we don't change our word when we come to your door. Some other guys, unfortunately take advantage of the honesty of some customers by finding lots of faults with their Junk vehicle. A Junk car is Junk, and thats the end of it. A Junk can not be a good car.

 Junk: Returning Customers Returning Customers
We are glad that our Junk customers are returning for more business. In fact the majority of our clients are the ones we dealt before and its growing fast, which gives us more and more motivation.

No tires:
So your junk cars have no tires?
No problem we can can remove your car even if they don't have any wheels on them.
The value of scrap car without tire is a little lower then the car with tires.

No Registration paper?
no problem! We can still remove it. We understand that a car may have been sitting for years in someones backyard or driveway and the registration paper may have been lost or the owener of the vehicle may not be present.
This is not a rare case for us , We deal with this kinds of situation every week.
Sometimes our customers find a car abondoned for years and their relative call us and ask for a free scrap car removal service.
We remove your junk cars for free, because thats our job as a scrap car removal company. Rubbish removal service is not the same or as easy as scrap car removal service. When your junk is removed, you pay. When your junk car is removed, We pay you.

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